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CED7000PRO Shot Timer

Over the past two years CED and DAA have again been working together to bring to the shooting community the next stage in Shot Timer evolution. Advances in chip and display technologies make it possible to elevate the simple Shot Timer to a complete, comprehensive match & training scoring tool. Center Arms is very proud to introduce the all-new CED7000PRO.

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1.399,00 DKK

CED 7000Pro Silicone skins

Beskyt og gør din Protimer mere personlig med disse specielt lavet silikone covers i flere klare farver.

8 stk. på lager.8 stk. på lager.
75,00 DKK

CED7000PRO Screen Protector / Beskyttelses film.

Beskyt din Protimer med denne kvalitets anti refleks film.

1 stk. på lager.1 stk. på lager.
75,00 DKK

CED7000 Replacement Battery

deterioration in the performance of your rechargeable battery in your CED7000 shot time. This is normal, and a familiar situation with all cell phone, PDAs and other devices using small rechargeable batteries.

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93,75 DKK

CED7000 Retractable Neck Lanyard Set

A retractable cylinder adds 76 cm (30”) of additional length to the CED7000 Neck Lanyard. Perfect for extending the timer toward the shooter to arm’s length and then retracting it safely back to your chest area while scoring targets, clearing weapons, or loading magazines.

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86,25 DKK

CED7000 Shot Timer

The CED7000 Shot-Activated Timer is truly a breakthrough in technology. No other timer to date offers this combinations of advanced features, compact size and lightweight. This is truly the ''next generation'' Shot Timer here today!

888,00 DKK

CED7000 External Battery Pack

The External Battery Pack provides additional power to your CED7000for up to 25 hours of normal use, while charging the internal battery at the same time.

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105,00 DKK

CED7000 Auto Charger

For the traveling Range Officer, competition shooter, or simply for those last minute charges while driving to the range.

1 stk. på lager.1 stk. på lager.
71,25 DKK

CED7000 Screen Protectors

Protect your valuable CED7000 Timer display with a Premium-quality UV resistant, anti-reflective, anti-dirt and 99% transparent film.

7 stk. på lager.7 stk. på lager.
75,00 DKK

CED7000 Custom Carry Case

Safely transport your CED7000 Shot Timer in this elegant custom carry case.

20 stk. på lager.20 stk. på lager.
117,00 DKK

CED7000 Wrist Band

Carry your CED7000 Shot Timer on your wrist, freeing both hands for shooting or running the stage.

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146,50 DKK


Wireless remote capability, Trådløs Styring af xtra udstyr.

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1.650,00 DKK

CED Time Keeper

Excellent for coaching & training purposes where monitoring progress is required.

395,00 DKK

External Horn Set

The CED2000 External Horn is ideal for use in any situation involving group participation, including shoot-offs, club, police, or military training. Perfect for “Man vs. Man” events. Designed for use with all CED6000 & CED8000 Timers, the CED2000 External Horn can also function independently as well.

840,00 DKK

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