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CED Combination Security Lock

CED Metal Combination Lock

3 stk. på lager.3 stk. på lager.
69,00 DKK

CED Universal Pouch

The uses of the CED Universal Pouch are as broad as one’s imagination! The ultimate brass collection bag, a convenient shotgun shell carrier, an excellent M4, M16, & pistol magazine bag. Perfect for afternoon errands, or to hold a packed lunch and water bottle, and ideal as a multi-purpose utility pouch.

Ikke på lager.Ikke på lager.
149,50 DKK

CED Shooter's Backpack

Innovatively designed by shooters for shooters, this "hands free" approach to shooting gear storage is the most functionally unique product to arrive in years!

10 stk. på lager.10 stk. på lager.
399,00 DKK
Du sparer 42,92% Førpris: 699,00 DKK

Standard Six Pack

CED Magazine Storage Pouches.

89,00 DKK

CED Accessory Bag rød

Finally, there is a compact bag specifically designed to hold all of the spare parts, batteries, tools, and other ''odds and ends'' that every shooter accumulates.

11 stk. på lager.11 stk. på lager.
49,50 DKK
Du sparer 50,00% Førpris: 99,00 DKK

Pistol Bag

Quality Protection for your Valuable Investment!

149,25 DKK
Du sparer 25,00% Førpris: 199,00 DKK

Concealed Carry Case

The CED Concealed Carry Case is the answer to all your travel briefcase needs,

1 stk. på lager.1 stk. på lager.
315,00 DKK

CENTER ARMS A/S - Elsenbakken 15 - DK-3600 Frederikssund, Denmark - Telefon +45 40510250 - E-mail aj@centerarms.dk - CVR 19448134
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